Error: VPCIdNotSpecified


Users of an account cannot save account settings without default VPC configured in their AWS. Users see the following error when they try to save their account settings in Qubole using IAM roles or keys:

-> "AWS::EC2::Errors::VPCIdNotSpecified exception while trying to spawn test EC2 instance for cluster with id: <Cluster ID>"



QDS launches a t1.micro EC2 instance to validate credentials specified in a customer's Qubole account. This gets launched in default VPC because we do not use any cluster's configuration for validating the account-level credentials. As part of the validation, QDS verifies the EC2 instance launches successfully and we are able to add tags to it. After this is done, we immediately terminate the test instance.



Users have to configure a default VPC in their account with help of AWS support. More details about this error can be found here:

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