How To: Enable Anaconda in Zeppelin


Short guide on how to enable Anaconda in Zeppelin.

How To:

1. Add this to node bootstrap:

bash -b -f -p /usr/lib/anaconda2

echo "VIRTUAL_ENV_DISABLE_PROMPT=1 source /usr/lib/anaconda2/bin/activatec" >>
echo "VIRTUAL_ENV_DISABLE_PROMPT=1 source /usr/lib/anaconda2/bin/activate
/usr/lib/anaconda2" >> /usr/lib/hadoop/conf/

2. Change following interpreter setting's zeppelin.pyspark.python value to



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    Mikhail Stolpner

    UPDATE: The best way to use a non-default Python in a notebook now is to set this parameter in the interpreter zeppelin.pyspark.python to point to a python (or a virtual environment). For example: /bin/usr/anaconda3/bin/python

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