How To: Using DBImport script + shell command


In the past you could run scoop db import jobs from a command line using a script. The platform now supports running scoop import jobs from the user interface. Select DbImport on Analyze screen (

However, scoop can still be ran as a script with the steps outlined below: 

1) Put the script on s3
2) Update your cluster's node_bootstrap to install the qds_py python library
3) Use Shell Command with:

./ --mode 1 --db_user <db user> --db_passwd <db pass>
--db_port <db port> --db_host <db_host> --db_type <dbtype> --db_name <db
name> --db_table <db_table> --access <aws access-key> --secret <aws
secret-key> --hive_table <hive table> --api-token <qubole api token>
--api-url ''




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