Troubleshooting Ganglia UI issues

Ganglia in Qubole runs out of Customer clusters and it uses the httpd server within the cluster. Some tips to restart the deamons and how it is launched in Qubole:

```    su ganglia -c "rrdcached -p ${RRDCACHED_PID} \
       -s apache -m 664 -l ${RRDCACHED_ADDRESS} \
       -s ganglia -m 777 -P FLUSH,STATS,HELP -l ${RRDCACHED_LIMITED} \
       -b ${RRD_ROOTDIR} -B" -s /bin/sh

    sed -i "s@export[[:space:]]\+RRDCACHED_ADDRESS@export RRDCACHED_ADDRESS=\'${RRDCACHED_ADDRESS}\'@" ${GMETAD_INIT}

    service gmond start
    service gmetad start
    service httpd start

Log location for the ganglia httpd server: /var/log/httpd/error.log

Config files in case of 500 errors launching Ganglia UI: /etc/php.ini

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