Qubole Release Notes 22-June-2016

Release Version Number: 33.4.0


For details of what has changed in this version of QDS, see What is New and List of Changes and Bug Fixes in this Release.


What is New


API Support to Logo Branding

Qubole provides API support to logo branding and add documentation links. See Brand Logo and Documentation for more information. 


List of Changes and Bug Fixes in this Release




Fix  ACM-354: Specify AWS region in s3cmd's configuration file to avoid failures while fetching data from S3 buckets in regions like ap-northeast-2 and eu-central-1 (due to s3cmdt falling back to default US region if no region is explicitly specified).

Fix  ACM-369: This fix makes sure that hive on master query which would start the cluster will succeed.





Fix  HAD-581: Fixed issue with decommissioning running very slow when it is close to completion.





Fix  HADTWO-492 : Direct File Output Committer is now supported on the S3A filesystem.



HIVE 1.2


Fix  HIVE-1458: Fixed an issue which was causing queries of type INSERT INTO table using a select statement without a FROM clause to fail on Hive 1.2 . OS JIRA - HIVE-12200

Fix  HIVE-1457: Changed log statements in AvroSerDe to reduce the frequency of logs.

Fix  HIVE-1440: Ported a fix from Hive 1.2.0 open source: HIVE-7399 : Timestamp type is not copied by ObjectInspectorUtils.copyToStandardObject (Navis via Ashutosh Chauhan)
This helps aggregations to now work correctly for a timestamp datatype.

Fix  HIVE-1419: Fixed an issue in Constant Propagation causing loss of information. Related Open Source JIRA - HIVE-12749




New  QBOL-5305: API support to add logo branding and documentation links

Fix  UI-3821: Fixed an issue where sometimes in "Quick Tour" popup images do not show up.

Fix  UI-3820: The Analyze > History list can be filtered by users. Sometimes the list of users can be very long. This fix is to adds scrollbar to the users filter list.

Fix  UI-3799: The job names for the scheduler now display fully and do not get truncated.

Fix  UI-3723: In the V2 scheduler, earlier, when a user cancels an instance from Analyze UI, the status of the instance would still show as running. This issue is now fixed and the status now correctly displays as Cancelling on the Instance Status page, and then Cancelled on the Scheduler page.

Fix  UI-3720: The SAML login page now alerts the user to provide the details required for signing in successfully. This was a known issue earlier which is now fixed.

Fix  QBOL-5395: The issue in command templates for Spark command type that always switched to the Scala language resulting in failure has been fixed now.

Change  UI-3673: Added validation to custom configuration field for presto clusters. For more information, see Configuring a Presto Cluster.


List of Hotfixes Since 12th May 2016

Fix  SDK-114: Fixed an issue in the All Commands report due to which metrics like cpu, fs_bytes_written, fs_bytes_read etc had null values earlier for all commands and were not getting populated correctly.

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