How To: PDF Notebook


There may be a need to convert Spark Notebooks to PDF format for reporting and distribution.

How To - Notebook:

Zepplin provides REPORT mode for Notebooks which is the prescribed view when generating reports and printing. Switching to this mode will hide all code and adjust the Notebook layout for general purpose viewing. After the switch users may leverage browser functionality to export the Notebook as a PDF. 

  • Open the Notebook
  • In the top-right corner of the Notebook, next to the Gear is a Display drop down.
  • Expand the drop down and select REPORT. 
  • Print the Notebook using browser functionality.

How To - Paragraph:

Users may prefer to print the results of a single Paragraph and not the entire Notebook.

  • Open the Notebook
  • In the top-right corner of the Paragraph, select Link to Paragraph.
  • Print the Notebook in the new tab using browser functionality. 


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