Qubole Release Notes 26-May-2016

Release Version Number: 32.1.0


For details of what has changed in this version of QDS, see What is New and List of Changes and Bug Fixes in this Release.


An heads-up on the next QDS Feature roll-out

Qubole will roll out new Sign Up and Sign In pages that are also mobile-compatible very soon after the QDS release on 25th May 2016.


What is New


Support for Custom Names for Data Stores

Qubole now supports custom names for a data store. Qubole also supports using a data store’s custom name in Analyze page while composing data export/import commands.


List of Changes and Bug Fixes in this Release



Fix ACM-220: Spot nodes will have correct value for a Qubole tag instead of --UNKNOWN-- value.




Fix HAD-589: Fixed the intermittent permission denied errors while copying jar files.



HIVE 0.13

Change HIVE-1338: Fixed an issue which caused the where clause to be not respected in multi-join Hive queries. (Open Source Hive issue - HIVE-10841)




New UI-3584: Now you can specify a custom name for a data store (or a DBTap) in the Explore UI page while creating a new data store or editing an existing data store.

Fix UI-3494: In the Help Centre dialog, clicking Ask In Forums now redirects to the Zendesk Forums Page.

Fix UI-3641: The cluster label on the QDS user interface, which when clicked will redirect to the clusters landing page on the Qubole user interface (https://api.qubole.com/v2/control-panel#clusters) and filter the correct cluster.

Change UI-3627: Now you can choose a data store (or a DbTap) by its custom name instead of the database host name in the Analyze query composer while composing data export and import queries.

Change UI-3653: Users can now download the complete raw results from the History tab of the Analyze UI page with the existing permissions.




Fix ZEP-304: The out-of-memory exception that used to occur with Zeppelin has been fixed.


List of Hotfixes Since 12th May 2016


Fix ACM-315: Use-case specific nodes didn’t down-scale correctly.

Fix SPAR-942: Support for remote python files via --py-files was reverted in Spark 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 versions.

Fix UI-3479: Modification done to use new index created in QBOL-5070.

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