Qubole Release Notes - 03-May-2016

Release version 31.2.0


An heads-up on the next upcoming QDS Release

Qubole will enable AWS CloudFront content delivery network (CDN) along with the next upcoming QDS Release.


List of Changes and Bug Fixes in this Release



Fix HAD-566: maxmaps FairScheduler configuration is not being honored.
Fix HAD-567: Job stats API not working for retired jobs.
Fix HAD-576: JT showing wrong idle and available counts for mappers and reducers.



Change HADTWO-433: Turning on multipart upload by default in Hadoop-2.



New PRES-575: Support HTTPS in a Presto server. This provides fully encrypted communication amongst the nodes in a Presto cluster.
New PRES-595: Increase default value of query.max-memory-per-node to 28% of Instance’s physical memory
Fix PRES-596: Fixes the issue where the column names are not picked correctly from the subquery which uses tableName.columnName in its select clause.
Change  PRES-514: Enable downscaling by default





Fix UI-3594: Fix to add scroll-bars to a smart query page
Fix UI-3567: Remove Instance Link from instance table and Instance Notification.
Fix SCHED-83: Hive table dependency: fix for table not found in case of non default schema.
Fix HIVE-1380: Changed Insert overwrite conversion regex to support multiple lines in a select clause





New SPAR-933: Display result-set along with schema for Spark SQL Queries run through Analyze
Fix SPAR-975: Spark command Python snippet parsed wrongly fails



List of Hotfixes Since 14th April 2016


Fix UI-3569: Page not reloading once session has expired after v2 cluster dropdown
Fix UI-3568: jquery layout is causing annoying side-effects
Fix UI-3566: Test mode run is switching to Normal
Fix UI-3556: Keyword search on Analyze is missing after rb31 deploy
Fix UI-3532: Cloning a job should be possible for jobs that are past end date
Fix UI-3528: retry count is not shown on edit of a job.
Fix UI-3518: when many columns are selected, selected columns disappear sometimes on page load
Fix UI-3514: Control Panel/Clusters page does not update when a cluster is up
Fix SPAR-971: Update archives_version.rb for zeppelin and spark for rb -31
Fix QBOL-5267: finish_command throwing exception can cause important code to not be run
Fix QBOL-5264: Weird Chars with hive header setting on
Fix QBOL-5246: Command Status not updated
Fix QBOL-5230: GetResult is throwing 500 error
Fix HIVE-1372: WITH....SELECT query getting wrongly converted
Fix ACM-267: Revert slow queries related to cluster nodes table
Fix ACM-245: Make refresh_cluster_config backward compatible
Fix ACM-233: Let the customers know if the cluster is unusable and termination is disabled



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