Qubole Release Notes - 14-Mar-2016

What is New


Complete S3 Raw Result Download through Analyze Command History 

Qubole now allows downloading complete S3 raw result directly through Analyze Command History’s Download dropdown list.

Restarting and Terminating a Cluster from any UI page

A cluster dropdown list now allows users to start or stop clusters and it is available across all the pages in the UI.



List of Changes and Bug Fixes in this Release



Fix HAD-556: Adding support to not print key in streaming mapper output.

Fix HAD-554: Removing compressor block length check of 100MB.



Fix HADTWO-382: SPAR-905: Attempted read from closed stream exception while reading files from S3 using NativeS3FileSystem

Fix HADTWO-382: Adding support of roles in S3A FileSystem

Fix HADTWO-369: Making jobhistory server restart more fast by adding a flag to postpone processing of files after server starts successfully.

Fix QBOL-4651: Adding support for S3A Abstract file system as it is required by JHS.

Fix HADTWO-398: Adding support for bulk delete in S3A filesystem.

Fix HADTWO-399: Adding support for md5Hash in S3A filesystem required for caching

Fix HADTWO-405: Increasing some default timeouts/retries for S3A connection

Fix HADTWO-404: Listing an empty S3a root directory throws FileNotFound

Fix HIVE-1235: Changes in CombineFileInputFormat to ignore empty files while generating splits

Change HADTWO-413: Do not restart shell command AMs (meta AM) when a NodeManager restarts. 


HIVE 1.2 

Fix HAD-558: Metastore connection leaks in HiveServer2 

Fix HIVE-12790: Metastore connection leaks in HiveServer2


HIVE 0.13 

Fix HIVE-1303: Passing database name while deleting tmp tables

Fix HIVE-1235: Changes in OrcInputFormat to ignore empty files while creating splits

Fix HIVE-1259: Fix in LazyMap to allow empty map-key

Fix HIVE-1238: Forcefully setting hdfs mask to 000 to have write permission



Fix PRES-552: Change to use \N for null values instead of empty string

Fix PRES-571: Fix explain output to be multi-line string to make it readable in UI



New UI-2675: Allow complete raw result download

New UI-3067: Datadog Integration UI changes

New UI-3050: Allow cluster start/terminate from status on top

Fix ACM-117: Fixes rrdcached failing for c4 | m4 instances.

Fix UI-3177 Schedule v2: Applying filter shows error as Resource not found

Fix PRES-531: Propagate Presto autoscaling logs to UI

Fix NEZ-105: Display syntax errors to user in UI

Fix NEZ-101: Support for Presto & SparkSQL through SQLCommand

Fix UI-3273: Fix default cluster selection behavior in Analyze

Fix UI-3277: Fix for dbimport re-runs not working

Fix QBOL-4988: Fixing cluster auto-termination issue when Presto queries ran without a cluster label

Fix QBOL-4994: Fix for making invite link work on cloned accounts

Fix UI-3278: Rerun button is not visible fix

Fix HIVE-1277: Hive on master and Hive metastore using same metastore URL

Fix UI-2845: Added scroll bar for the cluster list in the Analyze page

Fix  UI-3141: Change in alert message- for cluster delete, start, and terminate

Fix  HIVE-1299: “set;” command failure in Hive

Fix UI-3291: Trim user input (scheduler dependency info) before passing to backend

Fix  QBOL-4764: Job Tracker URL's hyperlink getting busted while truncating logs, which are too big to show on browser

Fix UI-3274: Job Tracker URL and DFS Status URL are leading to 500 Internal Server error

Fix UI-3221: API token reset is only enabled on "default" account

Fix  UI-3241: Set account as default does not show green tick mark until hard refresh

Fix  UI-3242: Switch to this account shown even if we are in that account 

Fix  UI-3269: Getting JS error while creating a cluster

Fix UI-3294: Not able to terminate the cluster, once started and then removed label from it

Fix  UI-3250: Starting a cluster which does not has a label shows unappropriate error.

Fix UI-3179: TEZ query links are not loading in Resources

Fix UI-2343: Result popout enable for templates

Fix  UI-2342: Fix of download button in templates.

Fix UI-2351: When no Presto cluster is present, then no need to enable run

Fix  UI-3262: While terminating a cluster, question mark sign missing from message

Fix  UI-2350: Shows cancelled commands as failed

Fix  UI-3267: fix EBS volume gets reset on every load

Change Keyword Search is not supported on Scheduler Filter



Fix  NEZ-105: Propagate syntax errors to user to Tapp

Change  Upgrade Quark version to 4.2.0



Fix  SPAR-894: Fix Avro version mismatch

Fix  SPAR-841: Removing mqtt module as it was causing issues with Hadoop

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