Qubole Release Notes - 14-Apr-2016

Release version -  31.1.0

What is New


New Help Center


QDS UI has a new help center with various options such as a quick tour and knowledge base.


New Instance Page for Scheduler v2


The new page lists all instances in scheduler and displays logs, results, commands, and dependency info on the same page.


Qubole Supports Only HTTPS Access


Any HTTP access will be redirected to HTTPs access as Qubole supports only HTTPS access. This is aimed at better security for Qubole users.


List of Changes and Bug Fixes in this Release




Fix HAD-557: Fixes instance type selection and validation message not in sync

Fix HAD-543: Added LZ4 Codec support in Hadoop 1

Fix HAD-526: Turn on multipart move by default in both Hadoop 1 and Hadoop 2.




Fix HADTWO-288: Estimating of number of reducers based on input size if it is not specified by user

Fix HAD-526: Adding support of multipart move in Hadoop2. Enabling multipart upload and multipart move by default

Fix HADTWO-337: Add patch MAPREDUCE-6273.*.patch to Hadoop 2

Fix HADTWO-339: EIastic IP support for cluster master


HIVE 0.13


Fix HIVE-1307: Storing job submission time in metrics db

Fix HIVE-1202: Dynamic partition loading will take into account only the valid partitions

Fix HIVE-1233 Printing complete stack trace in case of any Exception except SemanticException while compiling query.


HIVE 1.2


New HIVE-1205: Hive SQL-based Standard Authorization support. Dormant and cannot be enabled until the next release.

Fix HIVE-1294: Calcite transitive predicate inference rule should not transitively add not null filter on non-nullable input

Fix HIVE-1085: OOM exception in vectorized reduce

Fix HIVE-1232: Adding option to provide mysql port in metastore db upgrade script

Fix HIVE-1084 Remove null chars ('\0') from input query

Fix HIVE-1297:BloomFilter index is not honored by ORC reader.

Fix HIVE-1296: ORC Split elimination fails because filterColumns=[-1]

Fix HIVE-1293: UDF GenericUDFMapKeys throws NPE when a null map value is passed in

Fix HIVE-1290: HIVE Authorization v2 should not check permission for dummy entity OS Commit

Fix HIVE-1289: Alter table Exchange partition with multiple partition_spec is not working OS Commit

Fix HIVE-1287: Wrong types inferred for SemiJoin generation in CBO

Fix HIVE-1245: Corrected stats temp path Also, picked up below change




New PRES-565: Merge the OSS commit which allows ORC schema evolution




Fix QPIG-43: Add pig.stats.notaskreport to control task report requests. 

Fix QPIG-51: Fixed missing logs issue.

Fix Set master_ip automatically to enable pig2 commands to run from ShellCommand interface




New ACM-125: Allow ssh authentication via ssh-agent and enable it via account_features.

New QBOL-5027: Added retry on failure for spark command

New PRES-403: Make DBTaps queryable from Presto

New ACM-125: Support SSH authentication using ssh-agent.

New QBOL-5039: Support object ACL

New QBOL-4536: Support edit of time part of start time only

New QBOL-4874: Enable Data-Exchange for Spark

New UI-3323: New Instance Page for Scheduler v2

New UI-3218 Implement new Help center UX-10

New HBAS-153 Support HBase clusters on AWS IAM Roles

Fix UI-3136: Made cosmetic changes to login/signup pages

Fix QBOL-4944: Fixing DJ timeout issue for long running queries

Fix ACM-191: Fixes cluster start failure when no domain name is passed in the DHCP options of a VPC.

Fix ACM-87: Run Ganglia daemons with Monit

Fix ZEP-263: Add example notes to cloned accounts

Fix HIVE-1324: Fix in regex parsing of logs to mask sensitive info.

Fix HAD-557: Fixes failure in cluster config validations if specified EBS volume count is greater than zero, master node instance type supports EBS volumes, and slave instance type does not.

Fix UI-3359: Fix quick tour for Top navigation

Fix ACM-62: Terminate spot nodes sneaked during cluster termination.

Fix ACM-49: Do not overwrite user-defined tags when AWS fails to return tag information in corner case.

Fix QBOL-4522: Disconnect mysql connection from waiting DJs

Fix QBOL-4967: Adding AES-IV and random key while fetching results

Fix QBOL-5015: Cloning Account stuck in Processing

Fix SEC-264: Audit trail for super_admin

Fix QBOL-4763: API to enable/disable users

Fix UI-3184 Scheduler v2: Cross scripting issue

Fix UI-2973: Move analyze from spliiter to jquery layouts

Fix HIVE-1221: Adding support for passing hive_version through an API.

Fix HIVE-1074: Added support for transforming queries of type "WITH CTE (,CTE)* select ..." to IOW queries

Fix ZEP-216: Better error message when notebook is not found in S3

Fix ZEP-228: Remove forced paragraph capitalization in notebooks

Fix UI-1336: Entering of invalid interval corrected

Fix UI-1626: Addition of Account ID in Account settings

Fix UI-3324: Improvement in comments in analyze

Fix UI-3334: Improvements related to save query

Fix UI-3127: Cluster list Width enhancement

Fix UI-1861: Save button in analyze(added auto focus and save on enter)

Fix QBOL-2189: Added log popout

Fix UI-3296: Added hand icon while mouse hover for edit and delete icon in comments.

Fix Change plan select and payment info control flow

Fix Fixes validation of persistent security group if there any many such security groups with same name in different VPCs.

Fix SPAR-286: Fix quoted spark-override options

Fix V2 Scheduler Cross Scripting Issues Fix

Fix SPAR-866: Fix multiple values for a single key in Spark overrides

Fix QBOL-4989: Strip html-tags from tags

Fix HIVE-1264: Do not add tez jars in hadoop classpath for hive2

Fix SPAR-804: Fix class name detection in Spark-Scala Analyze snippets

Fix UI-3033: Explore: Refresh hangs

Fix UI-3486: Fixed issues with users and interface filters in analyze history list

Fix UI-3472: authoring widget validation for scheduler is not happening

Fix UI-3496: Notification for scheduler Instance Not working

Fix UI-3483: Issue with Show instance Button for suspended jobs and killed jobs

Fix UI-3467: Fixed Multiple UI issues in New Help Center

Fix UI-3439: Js error on console while editing periodic job

Fix UI-3442: UI-3450 unable to edit workflow and cluster list

Change UI-3288: Notebook Design v3

Change ACM-181: API support for master elastic IP




New SPAR-457: Download any remote primary resource

New SPAR-726: Add support for singleton objects in SparkContext

Change SPAR-909: Disable Spark speculative execution by default

Change SPAR-886: Disable ganglia monitoring for Spark driver and executors by default

Change ZEP-144: Add API to expose spark application URL

Change SPAR-863: Improve spark eventlog sync from HDFS to S3

Fix SPAR-901: Fix for java.net.UnknownHostException in some VPC environments




Fix ZEP-181: Duplicated menu header after clicking on "Interpreter" link under Setting (read-only and edit mode fix)

Fix ZEP-228 Remove paragraph title capitalization


List of Hotfixes Since 14th March 2016


Fix QBOL-5181 - relax constraint on DJ wait time during DJ tier downscaling

Fix PRES-519 - Disable hadoop upscaling on presto clusters

Fix SCHED-88 -Scheduled Jobs repeatedly running successfully for the same nominal time

Fix UI-3435 - Scheduler v2 : workflow + dataimport - order of columns are not preserved

Fix UI-3433 - Analyze - db import doesn't show the correct table name

Fix UI-3432 - Scheduler v2 : workflow + dataimport

Fix UI-3413 - [Hotfix Needed] Default Support Plan

Fix SPAR-926 - Autoscaling broken in 1.5.1

Fix SPAR-893 - Autoscaling broken in 1.6.0

Fix UI-3374 - Usage page not loading for one of the account. Seeing js error

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