How To: SSH into Node in Cluster


This article will describe the steps for generating an SSH Key through the Terminal on a personal machine and then accessing nodes in a cluster.  


  • Familiarity with Terminal and Command Line.
  • Update access for the Cluster to update the Customer Public SSH key.

How To:

  • Open the Terminal
  • Enter the following:

ssh-keygen -t -rsa

  • In the prompt enter a file path: 


  • In the prompt enter a password.
  • In the prompt confirm the password. 
  • Record the Key Fingerprint from the output in the Terminal.
  • Navigate to the folder specified above and open the file. 
  • Copy the Public Key beginning with "ssh".
  • Navigate to the Control Panel inside of Qubole.
  • Navigate to the Clusters pane inside of the Control Panel. 
  • Identify the desired cluster and select Edit. 
  • Scroll down to the Customer Public SSH Key text entry box.
  • Paste the Public Key from above.
  • Select Save and Start the Cluster.

With the Cluster is online the address for the Master Node can be accessed by selecting View Master DNS in the list of available Resources for the cluster. The list of addresses for the Slave Nodes can be found by selecting the highlighted node count. 

  • Return to the Terminal
  • Enter the following:

         ssh -i /path_of_rsakey/ ec2-user@node_address

  • Review the Key Fingerprint returned by AWS.
  • Upon confirmation of the Key Fingerprint enter:


The Terminal display will update and now you have access to the desired node. 




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  • Avatar
    Donald Smith

    What should "ec2-user" be replaced with above? (You should number the steps so we can refer to them!) I'm referring to "ssh -i /path_of_rsakey/ ec2-user@node_address'. Is "ec2-user" the account name? My login name? Where do I get it? My login name has an "@" in it.

    Obviously, "/path_of_rsakey/" is meant to refer to the path we created above. But why does it end with a slash ("/")? Are we supposed to pass the directory path and not the path to the private key file itself? Also the name of the file is different from above. So, the instructions are confusing.

  • Avatar
    Alex Aidun

    Hi Donald,

    Thank you for the feedback!

    We will make updates to the article - a few answers to your questions below:

    - ec2-user should be kept as the phrase "ec2-user" so no need to replace anything here.

    - the "path_of_rsakey" should be replaced with the absolute path of the file as you mentioned - there is no need for a final slash that can be omitted.

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