Qubole Release Notes - 16-Sep-2015

Release Notes for QDS Release on 16th September, 2015

New Features and Enhancements

AWS IAM Roles Support for Pig on Hadoop-2

Qubole Data Service now supports the AWS IAM-role based authentication for Pig on Hadoop-2 clusters.



All other minor changes and bug fixes are as listed below.




  • HAD-432: Fix for missing JobTracker URL in logs for few Hadoop jobs.





  • HIVE-988: Making Hive 0.13 work with Hive 1.2 metastore.





  • PRES-468: Use lesser memory for each group in array_agg during initialization to support high cardinality GBY.






  • QPIG-21: Support AWS IAM Roles on Pig - hadoop2.

  • QBOL-4625: Fixes the failure when trying to update cluster settings by label.

  • QBOL-4554: Fixes cluster config returning different results for cluster id and cluster label.

  • UI-2475: Remove AWS Region from My Amazon S3.

  • HIVE-1090: Disabling hive-tier for all the non-prod env through qubole_settings.

  • HIVE-987: Mark ElasticSearch proxy params as empty and final.

  • PRES-467: Pass custom presto config to new nodes spawned via autoscaling.

  • UI-2308: Use html5 visibility api and idle timer to figure out if page is active or inactive. Change frequency of getlog calls based on recency of the command.

  • UI-2462: Clicking the help icon refreshes the background page.





  • SPAR-668: Find softlinks also while finding spark's dependent jars.

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