Qubole Release Notes - 08-Sep-2015

Release Notes for QDS Release on 08th September, 2015

Minor changes and bug fixes are as listed below.




  • HIVE-1088: For every get call on S3 file, change the modify time to represent the access of the file.




  • HADTWO-315: Job History Page returns 403 on keys based account

  • HADTWO-311: Removing the recursive creation of parent directories in NativeS3FileSystem.




  • PRES-461: Use DelimitedJSONSerDe for inserts into/overwrite directory.

  • PRES-454: Fix in autoscaling to recover from loss of all worker nodes.

  • PRES-452: Fix to handle map and array types correctly in tables.




  • UI-2372: Fix for qubole vs app log separation.

  • UI-2438: Input support plan details through the modal (pop-up).

  • QBOL-4501: Send an email to help@qubole.com if zendesk fails to submit a ticket.

  • QBOL-4571: Add qubole user ID constraint while getting status of last 5 runs of a command template.

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