Qubole Release Notes - 13-Oct-2015

Release Notes for QDS Release on 13 October, 2015


New Features and Enhancements

AWS IAM Role-based Authentication Support for Presto

QDS now supports AWS IAM Role-based authentication on Presto clusters.

Other minor changes and bug fixes are as listed below.


  • HIVE-1112: Adding support to pick the Driver objects from the custom classloader
  • HIVE-1115: Set 8 executors mapred.dfsclient.parallelism.max for IPP computeGeneric


  • HIVE-1122 Update Openx json-serde version which can cast boolean to string
  • HIVE-1118: Updating the version of Openx JsonSerde which can cast Json to string


  • HIVE-1028: Run Hive on cluster master
  • QBOL-4700: Fix for refresh table command not working in scheduler
  • NEZ-39: Fix bug in executing queries on external data store through Nezha
  • Use quite option while executing hive jobs to remove unwarranted warnings
  • Log exception message during hive job scheduling
  • Edit secret key does not open on change of access key
  • UI-2494: show secret key for only qubole managed storage
  • UI-2513: Scheduler Hive Dependencies are broken in UI
  • UI-1328: Deleting a repo shows success message inside data properties
  • UI-2332: Fix for templates: The loading icon keeps on showing
  • UI-2344: Fix for templates: Clicking on Commands on instance page does not minimize it
  • UI-2345: Fix for Templates: The table in instances page is not formatted properly
  • UI-1835: Fix for non numeric values accepted in timeout for wait for hive partitions
  • UI-2340: Fix for templates: On selecting templates/history it changes to grey which is misleading
  • UI-2324: Fix for unable to select user from dropdown on registration page
  • UI-2491: Shows a warning while changing defloc
  • HIVE-1117: Fix directory permissions issue for attached EBS volumes for Hive on cluster master
  • PRES-483: Support Presto on AWS IAM Roles.
  • UI-2346: Added command ID to templates run history
  • UI-1382: Disabled schema actions for top level files in S3 Explorer
  • UI-2451: Modified help message for Macros on templates page
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