Qubole Release Notes - 29-Oct-2015

Spark Job Server API

Spark Job Server API. Now users can submit Spark snippets to already running Spark apps.

Non-default Schema Support for Postgres and Redshift Data Stores

Qubole now supports exploring non-default schema in addition to the default schema in Postgres and Redshift data stores. See this description for more information.

Other minor changes and bug fixes are as listed below.



  • HIVE-715: Added support for bulk deletion of S3 files during insert overwrites.



  • MUL-132: Added support for Hadoop2 on GCE
  • HIVE-715: Added support for bulk deletion of S3 files during insert overwrites.



  • HIVE-715: Added support for bulk deletion of S3 files during insert overwrites.
  • HIVE-1078: Just logging the exception message while calculating md5sum for avro schema url
  • HIVE-1013: Include hive-jdbc and beeline jars
  • HIVE-1099: Removing unnecessary references to qubole-hive from cli's pom
  • HIVE-923: Change the “decimal” column type to decimal(10,4)
  • HIVE-792: Function to know the current version of Hive


  • Removes HBase jars from pig11/bin



  • PRES-356: Make max cluster size pushable
  • PRES-489: Show views from MySQL and prestogres in ‘SHOW TABLES’ query
  • PRES-478: Support multiple volumes for caching via cluster configuration
  • Use lesser memory for each group in array_agg during initialization to support high cardinality GBY



  • UI-2459: Notebook Integration Phase I (beta)
  • SCHED-70: Support Fair Scheduler in Qubole Scheduler
  • UI-2288: Whitelist controls in control panel
  • HIVE-1028: Hive on cluster master capability and related fixes
  • Reporting Qubole Metrics on OpenTSDB/SignalFX
  • Send cluster node status to tapp using ops api for HBASE.
  • UI-2414: Show the corresponding command ID with an executed schedule job
  • UI-1208: Add support for feedback option under help widget
  • Displaying node status for hbase clusters
  • QBOL-4741: Fixing cpl for roles enabled accounts
  • Ability to have spare dj slots
  • UI-2571: Issue with dbimport not selecting dbtap table name for permalinks
  • UI-2039: Fix for showing appropriate message on Canonical hive reports page
  • QBOL-4709: Cleanup sessions for user terminated clusters
  • HIVE-1138: Picking a hive-tier node should not look at the hive-version
  • UI-2532: Start button on cluster does not work after listing all clusters
  • QBOL-4236: Roles groups support for saved queries.
  • Reading the compute secret key from original cluster if not provided in the API (only for aws role accounts)
  • UI-2494: Show secret key for only qubole managed storage
  • QBOL-3617: Adding support for macros in Pig commands
  • UI-2332: Templates - Fix loading icon keeps on showing
  • UI-2345 Templates - The table in instances page is not formatted properly
  • UI-2491: Show a warning when changing defloc
  • QBOL-3731: Adding support of macros in shell commands
  • Changes to support Qubole Stack in eu-central region
  • UI-2348: Templates: History TAB functioning is not consistent
  • Fix unit tests to reflect hbase snapshots executor change
  • Add support for special characters in custom EC2 tagsƒ
  • Reading the compute secret key from original cluster if not provided in the API (only for AWS role accounts)
  • ACM-16: Fix for connectivity issue with VPC cluster from Qubole tier
  • Removed bug so that refreshing manage/backup cluster page should redirect to the same page.
  • Using Array#join instead of to_s for ruby2 compatibility
  • QBOL-4584: Fix issue with 500 error while deleting dbtab
  • UI-2067: Add non default schema support for Redshift and Postgres Data Stores in Explore
  • UI-1158: Scheduler - While creating a clone job, Scheduler name appears as parent name.
  • UI-2359: Scheduler - Fix rerunning instance message is shown in yellow and is cluttered
  • UI-2428: Fixed account name overlapping
  • UI-2333: Templates - Clone/kill/edit toolbar is misaligned fix
  • UI-2376: Account clone - Account name input field does not get clear, after cloning is done.
  • UI-2341: Templates - The cluster label name is cut off fix
  • Fixes the failure when trying to update cluster settings by label.
  • QBOL-4590: Exception handling in file move
  • Fix for sending correct private-dns value and showing grey icon for NULL status
  • PRES-252: Support custom metastores with non-default ports in Presto
  • QBOL-4554: fixes cluster_config returning different results for cluster id and cluster label.
  • UI-1378: Explore - Refresh option remembers last selected items
  • NEZ-29: Add APIs to access Nezha Metadata.
  • Make HBase Backup/restore executable anywhere
  • Deprecating the use of update-tracker code in getlog flow
  • SPAR-577: Create, Clone, Edit, Delete of Spark notes  
  • QBOL-4377: Performance improvement in fetching results in UI
  • Collecting metrics after query hist is marked as done to make small queries faster
  • QPIG-21: IAM Roles support for pig on hadoop1



  • SPAR-740: Remove extra jars from spark-examples jar.
  • Allow S3 package name to be specified for any given spark version.
  • SPAR-712: Avoid spark hang by calling exception exit hook.
  • SPAR-475: Kill application in accepted state when stop() is called in driver.
  • SPAR-658: Add kinesis-assembly into list of modules.
  • SPAR-659: Use open-source hive-1.2 for spark-1.5.x. Fix classpath issues related to hive.
  • SPAR-694: Fix ganglia for spark-1.3.1
  • ACM-25: Increase retries for clusters during cluster start.
  • SPAR-646: Avoid messing around with classpath at multiple places and only use the SPARK_DIST_CLASSPATH to control it.
  • SPAR-546:Remove jets3 from kafka assembly
  • SPAR-502: Create kinesis assembly



  • Notebooks as First Class Citizens in QDS
  • SPAR-589 Fix the parquet issue with zeppelin running on Spark 1.4.0
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