Qubole Release Notes - 27-Aug-2015

Minor changes and bug fixes are as listed below.


  • Issue with cleanup sessions  
  • Allow S3 script location for presto in template and scheduler  
  • HIVE-1028: Run hive on cluster master for customers who want to access data inside a vpc, otherwise not accessible to hive running outside the vpc.
  • UI-1301: name search is now exact search always  
  • UI-1124: fixed JS errors in fair scheduler pool UI code  
  • UI-1038: Query name should not accept empty spaces  
  • UI-515: Fixes for minor map reduce progress widget issues  
  • UI-986: Fix for stage always shows as 1 in the map reduce progress widget  
  • UI-1373: Added support for sorting more datatypes in results table in analyze
  • UI-1898: Add reordering and remove buttons for sub commands in workflow  
  • UI-1902: Enable hive tables explorer for spark commands in analyze
  • UI-2066: Fix to allow saving redshift commands  
  • Create datadog dasbhoard and set more data dog alerts and add default datadog mail  
  • UI-1653 Support Upload/Download files in Explore for AWS roles
  • Show the kill button on running queries in Analyze for these 3 cases:
    • User is part of system-admin group who has kill permission on Command object.
    • User is part of another group which has been granted kill permission on Command objects explicitly.
    • User is author of a Command.
  • Fix more RDS conn issue  
  • Fix in Explore UI to display sample rows for Hive tables.


  • SPAR-542: Make sure saveAsTable saves data to the managed table warehouse directory
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