Qubole Release Notes - 19-Aug-2015

Release Notes for QDS Release on 19 August, 2015


New Features and Enhancements



Support for IAM Role based authorization in AWS


Users can now use cross-account IAM Roles instead of AWS access/secret key pairs in Qubole. Roles are supported for Hive, Shell, and Hadoop (streaming and custom-jar) command-types on Hadoop-1 clusters. For more information, click here.


If you use a Qubole account created before August 20, 2015, drop an email to solutions@qubole.com to get an early access to the IAM Role feature.



All other minor changes and bug fixes are as listed below




  • PRES-439: Presto Autoscaling now honors spot composition settings. This prevents cases like removal of all stable nodes which used to leave cluster in vulnerable state as all the remaining spot nodes can be taken away any time.




  • UI-1348: The Unable to download a file from S3 when filetype is python code issue is fixed.

  • UI-1644,UI-1955: Control Panel Account settings UX Improvement.





  • The Spark History Server is now more resilient:
  • Doesn’t scan for event logs while some other scan is going on.

  • Better defaults for Spark UI:

    • spark.history.retainedApplications = 5
    • spark.ui.retainedJobs = 33
    • spark.ui.retainedStages = 100



SPARK Notebook


  • SPAR-589: Fixed parquet read problem in notebooks

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