Qubole Release Notes - 09-June-2015

Major Enhancements

Saved Queries

Within the Analyze tab of QDS, you can save a query in a design repository. You can assign unique names to the saved queries. You can create, update, read, execute and delete a saved query.

Smart Query Phase III

Smart Query supports JOIN along with automatic group by selection and showing logs and results inline.


All other minor changes and bug fixes are listed below.



  • Job details API works for retired jobs as well
  • HAD-298: Kill orphan child by default
  • HAD-402: Avoid HDFS errors during start of all-spot cluster
  • API to manually scale hadoop cluster



  • HADTWO-258, YARN-3633: Remove possibility of deadlock because of maxAMShare when there are too many queues.
  • HADTWO-189 RMAppJanitor: Kill apps that are pending for long. Kill an application after it reaches the maximum allowable limit
  • HADTWO-162: Use a rolling file appender for MR task and AM logs.
  • HADTWO-272: Identify and remove bad data nodes for hadoop2 clusters



  • Add API for showing region locality percentage
  • Make sure ganglia is running fine with HBase
  • HBAS-46 Support for scheduling snapshots on a HBase cluster
  • HBAS-66. Fix data accepted by snapshot and restore_point, adding “s3://” in default s3 location



  • HIVE-833. NPE during parsing bad query
  • HIVE-774 Improving listing operations for query speedup on S3 tables
  • QBOL-3978: MongoDB storage handler is now compatible with Hive 13


  • PRES-363: Insert Overwrite should clear existing data even if the select query does not return any row



  • QBOL-4064: Send notifications when hive bootstrap gets change.
  • UI-1343: Added support to download logs
  • QBOL-3763 : Add tagging in scheduled commands.
  • UI-1240: Remember last command type selection by user
  • UI-1661: Add SQL support in UI for spark commands
  • QBOL-3734: Ability to specify notification email list in scheduler
  • Support for Custom EC2 tags and persistent groups
  • UI-990 Charging credit cards via super admin.
  • UI-1376: Account level notification email list support.
  • UI-1864:Manage permission should allow update
  • QBOL-4172: Handling Signup Account Creation Error
  • UI-1832: Run Command from permalink doesn't work
  • UI-1839:  After editing cluster no success message is shown
  • UI-1775: Edit and Submit schedule job not working because table name isn’t getting autoselected in some cases
  • UI-1340: Creating a schema from s3 file fails as as it does not takes root directory
  • UI-1728: AZ region is enabled for non-admin account
  • UI-1747: Incorrect command type title (undefined) in composer on page load
  • UI-1254: show only unique tags
  • QBOL-4122: Cluster details show invalid credentials
  • QBOL-4070: Avoiding DBExport/DBImport hive queries to use hive2 jars  
  • QBOL-4067: Nan, while creating a dependency schedule
  • UI-1746: Cluster Usage report perma link fix
  • UI-1484: Fix for line breaks in comments display
  • QBOL-4054: update session when command completes
  • UI-792: Fix history filter popover not scrollable in smaller screens
  • UI-1473: Long user list hides the apply button
  • QDS now supports script location for presto commands.
  • SPAR-208: Allow avro tables to be used in Spark SQL.
  • QBOL-3050: Cancelling the query which is bringing up the cluster should not leave cluster in inconsistent state
  • PRES-377: Fix for Query Tracker page failing to load intermittently
  • QBOL_3927: Add link for IAM role definition from FAQs
  • UI-1590: add api-level check for stable spot bid percentage <= volatile spot bid percentage
  • UI-1577: Fix for csv download eating up nulls.
  • UI-1392: fixing command and subcommand status icon issues
  • QBOL-3926: Add tooltip help for default Location
  • UI-1628: public DNS not visible fully
  • UI-1635 Analyze Results: Multiple spaces get condensed
  • QBOL-3937: Show Credential error message for cluster save
  • UI-1769: Post to Forum, Video Tutorials Integration, and Help Widget tasks



  • SPAR-249: Move spark event logs to S3 on program exit.
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