Qubole Release Notes - 09-Jul-2015

Release Notes for QDS Release on 09 July, 2015

Minor changes and bug fixes are as listed below.




  • HAD-468: Adding error recovery to S3 optimizations to avoid skipping of files.




  • PRES-420: Fix bug where querying views was broken.

  • All connectors can now be configured via Override Presto Configuration section in Control Panel, for sample usage, check the custom configuration.





  • UI-1743: Create and configure HBase in Control Panel. QDS will add UI support for creating and managing HBase clusters.

  • UI-2011: Confirm Query bug in templates

  • (UI-2145, UI-2142) UI-1765: Load Hive Bootstrap when needed

  • QBOL-3868: Sample Saved Queries are added to user's account on registration along with Query history.

  • UI-2000: Fixed a clone action to retain the ganglia and disallow cluster termination options from parent cluster

  • QBOL-4222: Changing Default location for new account to 'account_id/<account_id>' on cloning.

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