Qubole Release Notes - 02-Jul-2015

Release Notes for Release on July 02, 2015

Minor changes and bug fixes are as listed below.




  • Introduce fs.s3n.parent.stat.disabled configuration variable to disable stat calls if needed while listing S3 directories

  • QBOL-4231: JTProxy mark each HTTP connection to close on response.

  • Upgrade jets3t to include exponential backoff in case of s3-xml-validation errors for listBuckets




  • HIVE-838: Optimize Insert overwrite by skipping redundant directory checks

  • HAD-458: Optimizing summary computation for reducer estimation

  • HIVE-878, HIVE-918 Fix: intermittent NullPointerException during stats collection on completion of short MR jobs.




  • Presto has been upgraded to 0.105

  • PRES-202: Auto-scaling process can be configured to run in iterations adding/removing ‘x’ nodes at a time instead to prevent aggressive scaling

  • PRES-402: Number of elements in ‘IN’ clause that are allowed to be pushed down as is without conversion to range is now configurable



  • UI-1996: Error while creating a DB tap connection

  • Ignore all other filters if command ID is specified

  • UI-1925: Explore refresh button does not work if user does not have data store create perm

  • UI-1974: Selecting and closing the S3 location changes the folder icon

  • UI-2008: When there is no cluster type for a query, Analyze is not showing validation message and Run is enabled

  • Reduce NN and increase JT, RM default heap-size for r3.2xlarge instance type

  • HAD-453: For VPC configured with multiple domain names (separated by whitespace), use FQDN as value for slave.host.name property

  • UI-1907: Unable to list my bucket in certain cases

  • UI-1956: Improve saved query run instances query time

  • Show only last 7 days commands by default

  • UI-1897: updated message in saved queries runs instances dom

  • UI-1879: Hive bootstrap display messed up on the UI




  • SPAR-370: Prevent exception during exception handling




  • SPAR-357: If settings are not correct for an interpreter, an error message should be shown

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