How To: Qubole ODBC Driver

We now keep 
  • Latest ODBC and JDBC driver in S3:///paid-qubole/ bucket for public access.
  • Previous drivers will be archived in the same bucket [Archive] folder
Customers may have 2 entry points for self-service:
1. While inside QDS (, they can go to "Help Center" -> "Download Drivers" tile, which will redirect users to documentation URL:
This is supposed to be rolled out with RB42 (v3 Help Center)
2. Users can search or go directly to documentation website and find it through Table of Contents: "Qubole Administration Guide" ->"Using Qubole JDBC and ODBC Drivers" -> "Download the Qubole JDBC(or ODBC) Driver" page
This is available now.
Other Changes for drivers
  • We added versioning for driver binaries - For ODBC (.msi) , users may check file properties for the version number. For JDBC (.jar), users may use command to check metadata associated with the jar for version.
  • Release notes also packaged within driver folder (links on doc page as well)
  • New Driver notification - we'll add a notification on QDS Homepage whenever a new driver is released and available for download.
  • While using Qubole drivers to submit queries, driver version is logged as a tag.
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