How To: Qubole EC2 Tags


This article will describe the steps for identifying which Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute instances were provisioned by Qubole in response to user jobs.  


  • Elastic Cloud Compute administrative access inside of AWS Console. 

How To:

Qubole EC2 instances can be identified through the AWS console. 

  • Sign into AWS Console

  • In the Compute section select EC2. 
  • In the EC2 section select Instances. 
  • In the Instances section select an Instance.

Qubole instances are tagged with three tags, the first is a tag named "Qubole" derived with unique values derived from the Account and Cluster IDs:


The second tag is named "Alias" and identifies the node responsibility (master or slave) with one of the two values below:



The third tag is named "Name" and this will have the same value as the "Alias" tag described above. While there are three tags checking for the first tag, the "Qubole" tag should be sufficient.  

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