How To: Export Delimited File to S3

In Hive


Use a command like:

For comma separated output (csv), an example:

insert overwrite directory 's3://<bucket>/path/to/target/'

row format delimited fields terminated by ','

select * from <table to export>;

NOTE: You cannot get the output directly under a bucket and it needs a subdirectory or subfolder. The subfolder or the subdirectory need not be manually created, just specify it and that will be created automatically


In Presto


This will produce an output that is delimited by ^A (which is Hive default as well):

An example:

insert overwrite directory 's3://<bucket>/<complete-path-to-target-folder>/'
select ..


Note: If it is desired to output the results of SELECT query into an existing directory without deleting its contents, INSERT INTO query can be used instead. E.g.:

     insert into directory 's3://<bucket>/path/to/target/'

     select * from <table to export>;

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    Mainul Hassan

    What if user has read only access to the bucket. Will he be able to run insert overwrite command on a table that is created from that bucket?

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