Qubole Release Notes - 25-Feb-2015

Release Notes for release on Feb 25, 2015

Major Enhancements


Hadoop Job API

New API added to get details of hadoop jobs spawned by a command (see: http://docs.qubole.com/en/latest/rest-api/command_api/view-command-jobs.html)

Auto completion of Tags

Query and command tags are auto completed now, this allows better user experience

US-West 1 support

QDS now supports us-west-1 region


Cluster report (Beta)

Detailed report of cluster instances launched and its QCUH usage is now available in QDS. Its in Beta right now, please reach out to help@qubole.com to access it.



All other minor changes and bug fixes are listed below


Cluster Management

* HAD-316: Improved resiliency against eventual consistency issues in cluster startup and autoscaling (applies to all clusters - Presto/Spark/Hadoop-1 / 2)

* HAD-322 Option to terminate clusters based on hour boundary of any node (instead of just master). This may reduce costs of running Qubole/AWS clusters in some cases




* HAD-337: Job details for hadoop jobs can be compressed by setting 'hadoop.job.history.completed.codec=org.apache.hadoop.io.compress.GzipCodec’. This improves performance of viewing job history for large jobs.


* HAD-348, HAD-131: QDS is now compatible with Cascading versions 2.6+.


* HAD-179: All local drives can now be used to buffer writes to S3. This avoids out-of-space issues on nodes with SSD storage.



* UI-1241: Spark commands show QDS log and command log separately.




* HADTWO-20, HADTWO-34: Better default configuraton for YARN memory and vcore settings.


* UI-888 - AZ is automatically selected if VPC is selected.


* UI-1165 Fix for long group names - Very long group names were overlapping over other columns. They are now wrapped properly.


* UI-1168 Fix for hidden groups - If there are a large number of groups, they overflowed the available height and weren’t visible. They won’t overflow now and will be visible now.


* UI-1123 - Force refresh of VPCs is fixed.

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