How To: Install Pig 11


This article describes how to install Pig 11 in an AWS Cluster launched by Qubole.


  • AWS Console Access
  • Qubole Control Panel Access

How To:

  • Create a file named (name it as per your convention) with the content:

mkdir -p /media/ephemeral1/pig11
hadoop dfs -get s3://paid-qubole/pig11/pig.tar.gz /media/ephemeral1/pig11/
tar -xvf /media/ephemeral1/pig11/pig.tar.gz -C /media/ephemeral1/pig11/

  • Edit the specific Qubole cluster at Control Panel and pass the name of the Bootstrap file into the location at "Node Bootstrap File" and place the file in the appropriate location in AWS S3.
  • You need to provide complete path of pig as shown in the example below:


/media/ephemeral1/pig11/pig/bin/pig s3n://<BucketName>/<subfolder>/<PigfileName>.pig

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