Quick Start Videos

The following tutorials and demos are available:


5 Tips for Effective Hive Querieseffective-hive-queries-webinarIn this Webinar, Ashish Thusoo and Sadiq Shaik will provide hands-on training on building high-performance, scalable Hive Queries. Build a Big Data App in 30 Minutesbuild-a-big-data-app
Hand-On workshop Presented by Qubole’s Big Data Developer Rajat Venkatesh
Build Apache Hive UDFsbuild-and-deploy-udf
Build & Deploy Apache Hive UDFs to Your Big Data Application

Qubole Platform and Interfaces

Overview of the Platform and Web UI
6:27 minutes (Tutorial)
API Overview
5:31 minutes (Tutorial)
ODBC Driver and Tableau Integration
3:43 minutes (Tutorial)

Bulk Import & Export

Overview of RDBMS, S3 & MongoDB Integration – 3:09 minutes (Demo) Bulk import/export Data from/to RDBMS 5:48 minutes (Tutorial) Setting up a DBTap
1:46 minutes (Tutorial)
Bulk import data from S3 and MongoDB  5:00 minutes (Tutorial)

Building ETL Pipelines

Qubole Scheduler Overview
5:31 minutes (Demo)

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