Qubole Release Notes for QDS-on-Oracle Version R48 02-Nov-2017

Release Version: 48.1.0

Qubole provides Qubole Data Service (QDS) on Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Note: This set of release notes is for QDS-on-OCI.

For details of what has changed in this version of QDS, see:

  • What is New in QDS-on-OCI
  • List of Changes and Bug Fixes in QDS-on-OCI

What is New in QDS-on-OCI

Support for Heterogeneous Nodes in Hadoop 2 and Spark Clusters

Qubole now supports heterogeneous Spark and Hadoop 2 clusters. The slave nodes comprising the cluster can now be of different instance types. Qubole provides API and UI support to configure the heterogeneous nodes.  

List of Changes and Bug Fixes in QDS-on-OCI

OCI Cluster Management

New Features

New   ACM-1548: Heterogeneous slave instance types are supported on the clusters.

Bug Fixes

Fix   ACM-1624: The OCI cluster's auto-scaling issue has been resolved.
Fix   ACM-1708: The Ganglia permission issue has been fixed for clusters running in private subnet.


Change   ACM-1421: During cluster startup, configuration information will be uploaded to the cloud storage (at default location path) and downloaded on the cluster node as part of the cluster startup execution. Create a ticket with Qubole Support to enable this feature on the account.
Change   ACM-1431: It is now possible to enable object-level access-control-lists (ACL) for clusters through the QDS UI. This feature is not enabled by default. Create a ticket with Qubole Support to enable this feature on the QDS account.



Bug Fixes

Fix   MW-1064: Fixed command failure issue for whitespaces before comments in Hive QL.



Bug Fixes

Fix   AD-134: The issue in which the All Commands report in the QDS Usage UI was giving lesser results than the selected range, has been resolved.
Fix   AN-359: If a user with the admin privilege tries accessing a command from a different account, this message is displayed:

(This command belongs to account id : <acc_id> (<acc_name>). Please switch to that account in order to run it. Switch Account).

Clicking Switch Account takes the user to the account to which the command belongs.


Change   EAM-255:The Business Edition sign-up page reflects the preferred sign-up method.




Change   EAM-294: The Scheduler UI displays security breaches for the scheduled jobs.
Change   SCHED-132: Qubole Scheduler honors either the schedule frequency or cron expression based on the latest update on that schedule.


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