NullPointerException(NPE) in Notebook


When you execute a paragraph in notebook, you might encounter NullPointerException(NPE). Stack trace will look like below: 

at org.apache.zeppelin.spark.Utils.invokeMethod(
at org.apache.zeppelin.spark.Utils.invokeMethod(
at org.apache.zeppelin.spark.SparkInterpreter.createSparkContext_2(
at org.apache.zeppelin.spark.SparkInterpreter.createSparkContext(
at org.apache.zeppelin.spark.SparkInterpreter.getSparkContext(
Configuring more executor memory or more executor cores than the nodes can accommodate leads to oversubscription
You can confirm this in interpreter logs. Move to top right in Notebook, click on Interpreters and goto Logs. You will see stack trace and logs which show you are requesting more memory.
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Required executor memory (61440+2560 MB) is above the max threshold (56448 MB) of this cluster!
Please reduce executor memory to less than 90% of slave node can support. 
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